Just play this song it pretty much says a lot in my life book. But to say you may never see your genetic connections? To really say that? Tell me how hard would that be? Then to lose your only someone special because of another’s selfish cover ups? And then I question how much webbing has spun into an infinite catastrophic nebuli somewhere in another galaxy.

And as thes”Numb Walkers” on this planet spread their blindness to empathy it becomes similar as to having a loved one missing and nowhere to find them and not knowing how they are. Such numbness those “Deaf Walkers” spread to others. It slowly becomes a very cruel type of torture similar to such as an open wound slowly healing and repeatedly getting bumped that one more time. Yes, that one more time……

And so I teleported myself onto another electical static railway to be swept into another time. The time I don’t know about. What is this time I am speaking of? The first time taken out just for me.



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