I walked into my dark and dreary room, a cloudy day made it even more bleak.

I had been crying about the night before having suffered from the affliction of anxiety and panic.

So afraid that the feeling of the void of loneliness would come back and overtake my last breath.

My heart raced as my blood flow increased. An overwhelming freeze of my body, the sweat on my face, gave me signals that the attack was just down the hall (so, to sa.y)

I lit a candle to gain warmth for both my physical and mental well-being.  I observed the scent of the relaxing aroma of “Secret Garden.”


Focusing on the flame, I began to focus on my breath and count one, two, three, four; one, two, three, four.  Breathing in on one, out on two; breathing in on three, out on four.  Soon feeling the panic lifting and my dark room brighten.

I noticed the sun come through the break in my forest green satin curtains where they separate.  The reflection of my silhouette in the mirror on my dresser showing the glistening tears from my eyes.

Now I realize that what upset me I don not possess any power over, so I had to let it go.  Then the calm came over me.  I regained the warmth that I missed.

I took a drink of cold water and could feel the cool, cold thirst quenching liquid go down to my inner core.

I felt so refreshed!  I was no longer fearful, cold or worn out and beat.  My heart was not racing out of my chest.  So, I guess this was like a true moment of Zen.

author-Carol M DeVries -2007

*Hope it Helps someone 🙂



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