Cross Country to the Desert

How awesome is that? You must be having fun.

Chloe Buzzotta

 Trip June 3rd to June 9th

I had spent months planning/ preparing my trip to New Mexico in my converted veggie oil van.  I had made a home on wheels that is fueled by recycled means WITHOUT a carbon footprint!!!  Here are the costs that went into my trip (substantially less than a plane flight or a car ride with hotel stays)  conversion van,veggie oil,wvo,svo,cookingoil,trippy


-$160 on diesel fuel (the rest was veggie oil from restaurants)

-$80 on veggie oil filters

–roughly $80 on food

-$0 on places to stay via and the intentional community directory

Tranquility Campgrounds/ Guwahi Ecovillage

A place full of vibrant energy, laughter, and serious permaculture getdowns.  It is ran by an older woman and her son.  THey both enjoy life and welcome you with open arms.  Close to a small but culturally sound town you never come across a boring moment.  You can stay on the…

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