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DIY Father’s Day Gift

Great DIY Father’s day gift!


Free Father’s Day Printables!

Such a great idea! Thanks!

Modern Latina Mommy


Father’s Day is right around the corner and I always find mysself scrambling last minute for cute ideas. Because I have a very active 17 month old, I’m always looking for quick, easy crafts either she and I can do together or that I can work on as soon as she goes to bed. Here are some creative , cute ideas I came across and the best part is all of the printables are Free!!

All dads and granpa’s deserve their own stash of goodies. These printables by Artsy-Fartsy  are great if you’re on a budget. Just attach to a jar and fill with dad’s favorite snacks!

Continuing the mustache theme, these tags from A Pumpkin & A Princess  make any bottle of soda special.

You're the best, POP Soda Printable

If you’ve waited until the last minute to buy dad a card and don’t want to deal with the crowds at the store….print your own…

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Cross Country to the Desert

How awesome is that? You must be having fun.

Chloe Buzzotta

 Trip June 3rd to June 9th

I had spent months planning/ preparing my trip to New Mexico in my converted veggie oil van.  I had made a home on wheels that is fueled by recycled means WITHOUT a carbon footprint!!!  Here are the costs that went into my trip (substantially less than a plane flight or a car ride with hotel stays)  conversion van,veggie oil,wvo,svo,cookingoil,trippy


-$160 on diesel fuel (the rest was veggie oil from restaurants)

-$80 on veggie oil filters

–roughly $80 on food

-$0 on places to stay via and the intentional community directory

Tranquility Campgrounds/ Guwahi Ecovillage

A place full of vibrant energy, laughter, and serious permaculture getdowns.  It is ran by an older woman and her son.  THey both enjoy life and welcome you with open arms.  Close to a small but culturally sound town you never come across a boring moment.  You can stay on the…

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Prayers for Sophie Fundraiser T-Shirts – Be Inspired Boutique


Prayers for Sophie Fundraiser T-Shirts – Be Inspired Boutique.

Angels are ALWAYS here

i know angels exist….

Formlabs Just Made One Of The Best 3D Printers Better

I am watching this. I would be able to make so many things!

Masculine Decor Inspiration

Masculine Decor just in time for Father’s Day!

M&J Blog

We’re only days away from Father’s Day, a day when we celebrate some of the most important men in our lives. But what if our favorite guys weren’t dads? How do the dads of tomorrow live today? Take a look at these bachelor pads to appreciate not only the coolest dudes in your life, but the minimalist style of masculine decor. Gray Living Room Having a piece of statement artwork really helps to liven up a space that’s mainly composed of inky blues and grays.

Neutral Living RoomKeeping a neutral palette with dashes of muted color is the key to masculine decor.

Concrete Loft SpaceThe industrial elements in this loft space could instantly make this space look cold, but the Union Jack blanket instantly adds personality.

White Room with Wood SlatesUnique lighting can really elevate a room, but especially when the rest of the room is so minimal.

Gray Living Room with Leather SofaNothing says masculine style like a cognac leather chesterfield sofa, and an animal bust.

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