The Laws of Intelligence (and/or Stupidity)

I love it.

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Zeroth law of intelligence: If two systems are in intellectual equilibrium with a third system, they must be in intellectual equilibrium with each other. This law helps define the notion of intellect. The hypothesis is intended to allow the existence of an empirical parameter, the intellect, as a property of a system such that systems in intellectual equilibrium with each other have the same intellect. The law as stated here is compatible with the use of a particular physical being, for example a middle aged LARPer, to match the intellect of other beings, but does not justify regarding intellect as a quantity that can be measured on a scale of real numbers.

 First law of intelligence: Because stupidity is conserved, the internal stupidity of a system changes as idiocy flows in or out of it. Equivalently, people that violate the first law (liars) are impossible. Idiocy is the flow of stupidity from one person…

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Ambri Raises $35 Million For A New Approach To Grid-Scale Power Storage

But are we thinking too late before the record heat waves?

A Jasmin’s Creations Original: by Carol M DeVries

by Carol M DeVries


Dream a little dream for me…

Oh is that what I would be looking forward to?


Good evening all!

So I have gone from “insom-nom-nom-nia”  to the deepest sleep ever filled with the craziest dreams known to man (or woman 😉 alive.

I have literally gone from:

  • My boss dying
  • My dog drowning
  • My boyfriend cheating in a very explicit situation with my best friend
  • My Mum making me move every piece of clothing she owns to our new home


I mean come on, surely I should be enjoying the deep sleeps before the sleepless nights come right? But as I am sure we all know but now nothing about pregnancy is fair!!

The cause of crazy dreams:

“The changes in hormone levels bring on a feast of dreams in pregnant women,” says Garfield, who is author of Creative Dreaming and co-founder of the Association for the Study of Dreams. “In addition, pregnant women need to sleep more, and the more you sleep, the more you dream.”


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Crash – 100 Word Song

Fascinating piece.

polysyllabic profundities

My elders warned me – ‘life moves at a million miles an hour’.

When you are young and full of disdain for authority, you make up your own rules,  you choose to believe what you want to believe.  So I kept pace, moving along at that million miles an hour.

Who knew I would crash into my future self at such a young age?  Who could have predicted my youth would come to such a screeching halt?

All I can do now is sort through the wreckage and try to put the pieces of the carnage of my life back together.


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Written for the 100 Word Song Challenge at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.  This week’s song is Crash by The Primitives.   Go check out the fun challenge and join in!!

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Plant the Seed, Keep the Faith

Such a wonderful thought.

The Attentive Soul


Plant the Seed, Keep the Faith- The Good Men Project, Jennifer Cooreman

When a dream begins to unfold in your soul, be confident in your abilities to nurture its growth. The cultivation of your dreams does not depend on anyone else’s intentions or opinions of your efforts. –

There’s lots of wisdom hiding in children’s stories if you just know where to look. Fairy tales teach us to follow our intuition; if the apple is too shiny or grandma doesn’t seem like herself, follow your gut and bolt! Fables remind us to honor our unique strengths; don’t try to run your race like everyone else—sometimes, slow and steady is your best bet. Children’s tales often convey such a mighty message in a tiny package that pound for pound, page for page, they offer at least as much inspiration as any self help book (or more!), but in an easier to…

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